Postcards Of Classic 1930s Cars

1938 Morris 8 D Model

A couple of classic cars from the 1930s on postcards. Above is the 1938 Morris 8 D Model.  This body style was first seen in 1935 and replaced by the E Model in 1938-39.

Below is a 1939 Ford 7Y 8HP. This model, produced 1938-1939, was the first of the body-style which, as the Ford Popular was still produced until 1959.

1939 Ford 7Y 8HP


  1. 2 great looking cars, I learned to drive in my dad's Ford Popular, 3 speed gearbox, no synchro mesh and (I believe) a side valve engine. None of todays electronic gadgets apart from side indicator lights that had been added. Great fun to drive!

  2. I remember my friend's dad had a Ford Popular. Thought it great when I had a ride in it - we never had a car ourselves, my dad never learned to drive.